Project Description

Paradise Cinema

Graphic Artist & Illustrator / Motion Graphic Designer

Paradise Mock


I created an animated logo, such as the ones that precede movies and television shows. I named it “Paradise Cinema” and created a camera lens on Illustrator to embody a cinematic feel. The lens is an original design, I layered multiple shapes and colors to give it a 3-Dimensional look. The actual animation was put together in After Effects and Premiere Pro. I made the explosion effect using fractal noise which I edited with color correction, time remapping and other effects to give it a lively feel.

  • Brand Identity

  • Graphic Design

  • Motion Graphics


Paradise Cinema is a movie quality production logo created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects. This is a great example of a modern motion graphic logo Onofrio Designs can make for you! With experience in Adobe Suite we can make any of your logos come to life. All original illustrations, animations, and audio.

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