Project Description

Kama’aina Editoral

Graphic Artist & Illustrator / Indesign Project

Kama'aina Cover


Kama’aina translates to “children of the land”, it embraces the lifestyle that people live in the state of Hawaii by sharing original photography of Hawaii’s best features. It shares the appreciation for the beauty and culture throughout the state, and is intended for both locals and tourists to enjoy. This is a 83/8” x 107/8” “Hawaii” themed editorial printed on gloss paper. Using Photoshop and InDesign, I designed a cover and filled 3 unique pages with original photography and different shapes and colors to accentuate the words as well as photographs.

  • Photography & Graphics

  • InDesign Project Management

  • Print Design Services


-Designed an editorial using Adobe InDesign

-Provided original photography

-Designed all graphics using Adobe Illustrator

-InDesignProject Management

-Edited photography with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

  • Kama'aina Cover

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