Project Description

KAHAL: Your Jewish Home Abroad

Website Project Manager / Graphic Artist & Illustrator / Web Designer

Kahal Mock


Kahal: Your Jewish Home Abroad is a Jewish organization focusing on helping local Jewish students, families, organizations, and community leaders, KAHAL will set you up with exciting experiences. Without an online presence Onofrio Designs was there to help bring their organization to the web. From creating a responsive website using Adobe Muse and designing graphics using Adobe Illustrator this website was a huge positive impact.

  • Print Design Services

  • Content Rebranding

  • Web Services


Solo Design Project; Worked with staff to create a website that was engaging and easy to use. Main functions involved forms, contact, and responsiveness.

-Created responsive website using Adobe Muse

-Designed custom icons and graphics using Adobe Illustrator

-Linked all members to social media platforms

-Created forms and buttons using illustrator

-Collected assets from multiple members of the organization and compiled them into google drive folders

Web Design
Print Materials


A website that gives visitors a glimpse at how culturally widespread and vast of a program this is. The custom icons and graphics help continue the flow of regions through their detail and add to the travel ascetic. A social media platform for members to connect to those worldwide outside of the site as well attract other college students to being a part of this program.

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