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Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers

Web Site Manager/Graphic Artist & Illustrator/Web Designer

Bruneau Mock Up


Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers located in Cranston Rhode Island is a large scale auction house that you may have seen on the PBS road show. With a lot of new customers and clients coming in daily, Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers needed a web dsigner/graphic artist/content manager to help their digtial needs. With over 100,000 assests (pictures, blog posts, etc.), organization was a key component to focus on. Using WordPress I was able to provide a system that was easy for them to manage as well as add new photos and blogs in a professional manner. Along with the backend, thea bove left image is the new webstie design and the right image is the old. They now have a new responsive website that will fulfill the needs of their clients being able to work remotely via phone, tablet, etc. 

  • WordPress Service

  • Content Marketing

  • CMS Management


Solo Project; Worked directly with the owners redesigning their website and managing their files online

-Designed a new website using WordPress

-Redesigned and formatted graphics using Adobe Illustrator

-Edited photo quality and dimensions using Adobe Photoshop and Light Room

-Built forms and responsive maps using HTML

-Taught the client how to effectively use their CMS

-Designed and organized blog forms

-Organized “sold/unsold” items (over 50,000+ items) in CMS

Web Design
Print Materials


A larger platform such as this can now organize their vast amount of items in a more controlled manor. Visitors can now easily navigate their way through the new website to find the correct forms to fill out for their needs. The newly designed blog allows Bruneau & Co a chance to engage and connect to their visitors as well as new clients. Working closely with staff, I was able to teach them about the functionality of the site so they may further add on to it at their discretion.

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